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Heart-shaped pendants. Gift giving is all about love - and love never goes out of style - so give your special someone a heart-shaped pendant this year. (Note: pendants in general are popular this season.) You can find a wide variety of heart-shaped pendants under $100, or if you're in the mood to spend more, get one with the recipient's birthstone set in the middle of the heart.

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I would love to be one of those shops that is featured on the front page several times a week. I see them all the time and wonder how in the world they've done it. I never want to make mass produced jewelry. I want my shop and my jewelry to stay unique. I'd love to be able to contribute to the family funds. The kids are going to be in school full-time in just a few years. I dream of being busy enough to justify staying home and making jewelry all day.

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If you are shopping for a gift for a special woman who already owns a charm bracelet, then you can consider pendant necklaces. These beautiful sterling silver necklaces are a wonderful way to display charms with a theme. But the truth is, many women would love to have a second bracelet. Often the second design to hold charms that represent a certain theme-the only limit to how they can be used is your imagination.

Wouldn't you look cool wearing such bracelets which are inscribed with your name, initials or other words? You can go for charm beads which are available in various types of designs like the triangular or rectangular ones. These can be used to spell any word and worn in the form of a bracelet.

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